Monday, October 18, 2010

Hot Off The Palette

"Early Morning Solitude" 18x24" Oil on Canvas
"Pomegranate Promenade" 6x6" Oil on canvas board
"Choose your partners dos ado!" It's the pomegranate and persimmon hoedown, going on inside this little square of a canvas floor. These are the same two persimmons you met in last week's painting. I had more fun this week finding out what they look like on the inside. I have only eaten one other persimmon in my lifetime but it made me pucker something awful. To my surprise and utter delight, these were delicious and sweeter than honey. This painting is up for bid on my eBay Store. If you would like to place a bid click here 

Meanwhile, back on down the highway, "Early Morning Solitude" (above) was painted from a photograph I took last summer in Montana. I loved the way this little house/farm was tucked away deep inside rolling hills with the Bear Tooth mountains looming on the horizon. I sure would love to live there. This piece will be included in my upcoming show at The Linda Watson Gallery in Conroe Dec. 2-4. 

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