Monday, November 15, 2010

Yellowstone River

"Yellowstone River" 18x24" Oil on canvas

I was so grateful to have recently had my dear friend and accomplished painter, Rene' Wiley of the Rene' Wiley Gallery in Galveston, drop by for a visit and to critique some of my work. It was wonderful to see her and an invaluable experience to have had her well-trained artist's eye, point out some areas for improvement. I was so appreciative and learned much. As an example, "Yellowstone River" above is a new piece that I was working on. After talking with Rene', I ended up cooling the dark hills in the mid ground by graying that area slightly, and also warming the colors in the pine trees in the foreground. Just those two simple temperature adjustments alone really helped to create a greater sense of depth. So now, I am making some additional tweaks to several other pieces. You'll have to come to my show to see the improvements, Dec. 2-4 at The Linda Watson Gallery in Conroe.

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