Sunday, September 30, 2012

SOLD -Birch Grove

"Birch Grove" 6x6" oil on canvas board
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         "Landscape is not all external, some has crept       inside the soul."John O'Donohue

You might say I am a kicked in the head fan of John O'Donohue's writings. Every other word he writes hits me like a jab in the heart. Perhaps it's my own part Irish ancestry, but I have been devouring every morsel of his book, Anam Cara-A Book of Celtic Wisdom, stretching it out and savoring each word like a deluxe box of fine Belgium chocolates, never wanting to reach the bottom.

I have been fascinated and mystified by trees since I was eight years old. I would regularly climb to the top of the 100-year-old tree in our yard and sit on wide outstretched arms of the highest branches, swaying in the wind for hours on end. Trees seemed so wise, safe and secure to me.

I didn't have the words to understand what I was experiencing back then, but I have come to realize, those were my first contemplative experiences into solitude and silence. It was in solitude where I have found my deepest sense of belonging, and the distinct sense of oneness and peace with all that surrounds. Somehow those early feelings have stayed with me through out my life. Trees were my teachers and I am ever so grateful for their mentoring.

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  1. I love your blog. Your work is amazing. How have I missed it for so long? :-)

  2. You made my day, Linda. Thanks for your comments.