Monday, December 10, 2012

SOLD -Sanctuary of Light

"Sanctuary of Light" 10x8" Oil on canvas

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"True inspiration comes when the seeking mind of man joins with the revealing spirit of God." —Unknown

My inspiration for this painting was from a photo of a friend's backyard. It evoked in me feelings of awe and majesty—not so unlike those—felt while touring an inspiring lofty cathedral. 

Warm light shining through leaves casting irregular shadows onto the lawn, reminds me of stain glass windows reflecting jewel-colored patterns onto the church floor; like bright shards of sea glass found glowing on the sand at the beach.

The arched canopy overhead, amassed with warm shimmering fall leaves, dances at the winds command in ripples and waves of adoration and joy. Irregular dots, dabs and slashes of soft sky blue provide cooling breaths that pop in and out, between and around leaves and clumps of leaves, squeezing tight, as if trying to still and tame the perpetual motion of uncontrollable school-age children into respectful silence. 
I came across the quote (above) in one of my old sketchbooks, jotted down in 1985. I don't remember where I came across it, but thank you for sharing in my exaltation for the revealing spirit


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  1. Beautiful. Playing with light like that looks to be great fun.......

  2. It's enlightening, Helen! : ) Thanks for your comments.