Sunday, October 27, 2013

Such A Lovely Place

"Such A Lovely Place", 8x10" oil on gessobord
"I can walk through a hotel lobby and watch people at the desk and see what they're doing. People don't look at me. They don't even know I'm there." —Jerry Seinfeld
No, this is not the Eagle's hotel somewhere in California. It's "Welcome to the Hotel" Worthington Renaissance, Fort Worth. The lobby, with it's warm and inviting sitting area, was a great place to people watch and snap photos—like a fly on the wall—without being noticed by those two guys heading out the door in the background. 

This painting was more complex than most of my paintings and took 15 hours to complete. I sure had fun playing with all the details. I love the cool light streaming in through in the huge windows contrasted by the warm glow of the sitting area. 

I have had such a strong attraction to lamp light lately? I'm not sure why I keep wanting to paint this subject matter, perhaps it has something to do with the need for a path of light to shine into the darkness of the world? 

Thanks for  checking in today. I hope you enjoyed your stay.
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