Monday, December 2, 2013

SOLD - We Are Family

"We Are Family" 4x4" miniature oil on black canvas panel 


“What I saw was just one eye
In the dawn as I was going:
A bird can carry all the sky
In that little button glowing...”
 ― Harold Monro, Collected Poems 

These cozy cardinals make quite a team bracing a frosty winter night as snow flurries dancing all around them.

The quote from Harold Monro's poem above, speaks to me. When painting a bird, the highlight or finishing touch of the painting is placing that tiny little white dot in the birds eye. It's always that one speck of whitest value which brings the painting together, breathing life into the bird; it's kind of like putting the icing on the cake, or dropping a cherry on top of that ice cream sundae.  

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