Monday, September 21, 2015

First Light

"First Light", 8x10", Oil on Gessobord
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“Faith is the bird that feels the light when the dawn is still dark.” — Rabindranath Tagore 

Today's painting was completed on our 3-day trip to Galveston, TX last weekend. I was on the beach each morning, camera in hand, before the sun had even blinked its sleepy eye out over the wide expanse of somber Gulf Coast.  

With the exception of a few scattered fishermen dotting the horizon in hopes of a catch, I sat alone at the outer-most tip of a jetty surrounded in the hug of darkness, and amid the soft crashing sound of waves gliding methodically in rows of foamy caps to shore. Even the daily winged scavengers hadn't arrived for the handouts left exposed on the wet sand by receding tides.

As I sat quietly waiting for the day to show up, I noticed a huge charcoal-gray bank of clouds lining up center stage, just above the horizon. The sky began taking on a soft pastel glow as the sun started kicking off the massive blanket of sea green it had been hiding under. I sat mesmerized as huge swatches of brilliant oranges, pinks, violets and golds splashed across a backdrop of aquamarine canvas. Next piercing yellow rays, like jabbing arms and legs, began to emerge at the focal point. The intense glow continued illuminating clouds into warmer lighter grays with golden hues that appeared as thin as a veil around the outer-most edges. 

Lighter and lighter the clouds continued to transform until suddenly all were outlined in a bright golden halo of pure radiant light. Spellbound, in that moment, I heard the silent words in my heart, "In spite of all the surrounding darkness in the world, know I am here in the brightness and fullness of glory, waiting." In awe-struck reverence and abandonment, I could only utter, Amen!

Thanks for letting me share my catch of the day.

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