Sunday, September 19, 2010

Painting and Poem "Greener Glasses"

 “Greener Glasses” Oil on canvas 6x6"

Sucking on thin cool slices of lemon 
or lime from glasses of iced tea, looking
for a crack in the face of late
September heat, the cooler days of fall
and winter brewing winds, the aroma
of steamy espresso served in dainty
white ceramic cups with matching saucers
sipped on frosty blue mornings, warming
hands while longing for summer
to chase away the chill, slices
of measured time that will again
require another lime.

–Nancy Parsons

I thought I'd try a slightly different approach to my little paintings by also writing a poem about the subject matter of the painting. This is my first attempt at ekphrasis art. I am hoping to include a poem for each painting from now on so the viewer can have a little insight into my inspiration and thoughts about the piece. Hope you enjoy it. 

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  1. Beautiful!!! you are now speaking my language...that is what Emily Dickinson should have said to her brother, Austin, when he began writing poems...instead she complained that he was "getting into her business." Can't wait to the next one!!! ILYT

  2. My goodness, Nancy! "slices
    of measured time that will again
    require another lime." You somehow both quenched my thirst and whetted my appetite for more! You are so talented; I love your blog and paintings!