Sunday, September 26, 2010

Two New Small Paintings

"Afternoon Delight"  5x7" Oil on Board  $100
Here are a couple new small still lifes that I have been working on this week. The glass bottle was so fun to paint, I love the way light reflects and through glass in a mosaic pattern...just spots of color laying next to spots of color.

"Momma Mango"  6x6" Oil on canvas board  $100
When playing around with the mango and limes for this still life, I was struck by how the twin limes could pass for mango babies. Don't they look like they are being fed by a surrogate momma mango?

I am also working on some larger landscapes for my show Dec. 2-4 at the Linda Watson Gallery in Conroe. I am thrilled to report that since our return home on Aug. 15th, 22 paintings have now found their way into new homes.

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