Wednesday, April 13, 2011

SOLD "Finger Lickin Good" 7x5"

"Finger Lickin Good" 7x5" oil on canvas panel

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 Baaaawk, bawk, bawk, bawk...
Surprise, I'll bet you weren't expecting to see a chicken staring you in the face. This was my entry in the challenge of the week at Daily Paintworks. The assignment was to paint the chicken in the photo shown below. I laughed till tears were running down my cheeks and my sides ached, all the while trying to get this poor defenseless fowl to have some semblance of a chicken. I should have saved all the stages. At one point, Miss Henny Penny looked more like an alien psychopath on steroids. 

From the look in her the-sky-is-falling eyes, she appears to have just seen the "Colonel" himself walking in through the back gate, hatchet in hand. "You'll need Easter more beef", she clucked!

Thank you for viewing my painting.

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