Wednesday, April 20, 2011

"Hide Me"

"Hide Me" 6x6" oil on canvas panel
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Today's painting was my entry to this week's "Color Challenge" at Daily PaintWorks. In this color theory assignment, we were to limit the colors in a painting by using one of three color schemes: complimentary, split complimentary, or triadic. I used a complimentary color scheme of orange and blue which are directly opposite each other on the color wheel. I also used orange as the dominate color (see the color wheels below for more explanation). Having one color dominate also adds unity to the composition and helps lead the eye to the center of interest by projecting it forward. As you can see, the center of interest here is my big-bad-scary sugar bowl from which the little orange is trying to hide behind the slice of cantaloupe. He was caught orange handed sneaking sugar out of the bowl and is now in big trouble.

Day by day, stroke by stroke, painting by painting I am learning. Life is exciting... and oh so grand!

Thank you for viewing my painting.


  1. very very good pictures.wish you continued success

  2. Thank you so much for your comments, Romanya. What country are you from?

  3. Lovely colors and composition! Very nice!