Wednesday, August 10, 2011


"Codependent" 6x6" Oil on Gessobord
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Have easel will travel, I am out of my box again today! These subjects are on a scenic vacation from the doldrums of their limited cubical existence. As you can see, they are traveling about, doing a little sightseeing around my house and enjoying new vistas. Last night these fugitives spent the evening in my family room sitting atop an old antique desk handed down by my grandmother.

You know, I don't think artists ever really paint a painting. Paintings are simply small hints of the place where the artist's spirit went once he picked up the brush to paint. 

I named this painting codependent but now I am thinking it should be called charity? The more I look at it, I am seeing the green bananas as a lifeboat rescuing a comrade adrift along the hard dark surface of life. Perhaps I am being influenced by this video I watched yesterday of a dog who fell off the back of a boat at sea and was then rescued by a dolphin   What do you see happening in this painting? I'd love to hear your comments. 

Thank you for viewing my painting!
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