Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Cardinal Point

"A Cardinal Point" 6x6" oil on Ampersand board

I didn't chose a cardinal for today's painting just because I grew up in St. Louis and was a huge Cardinal's fan for many years. Here's the real reason I happen to love cardinals. 

From the time my husband was a little boy his mom told him repeatedly, "David, if you are lucky enough to see a cardinal that's a sure sign you are going to have a great day." He believed this with all his heart and began telling everyone and anyone who would listen. To this very day, he still gets excited at the sighting of each and every cardinal. He even insisted on placing a pair of cardinals at the top of our wedding cake.

Many years later, while looking over our wedding photos, his mom asked us why in the world we chose to put cardinals on our cake? A very sentimental man, Dave gave a long affectionate sigh and reminded her of her eternal promise of a good day he'd always remembered. She looked at him like he was crazy and in one sweeping crush of a blow, said she'd never heard of such nonsense. Go figure?... Oh well, after 31 years of marriage, perhaps there was a glimmer of truth in it somewhere? 

Heaven help us if Dave ever finds out that the Bluebonnet song, he joyfully croons every spring, about a "princess being offered for the rain" is only a legend. YIKES!!!

You've seen your cardinal for today...go and have a great and blessed day!

Thanks for perching with me for awhile.


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