Sunday, December 18, 2011

Darkness Into Light

"Darkness Into Light" 8x6" Oil on stretched canvas

I have talked about my friend Angela who goes on hikes in the woods every Sunday, and then sends me amazing photos to paint. Well, this painting was taken from another one of her recent images.

I was especially drawn to the way the photo was taken from amongst the dark shadows in the foreground and looking out onto this quiet sanctuary of a watery cove that fades off into the distance. It seems to invite us to also step out of the darkness around us, into the pure misty-morning light that, like a curtain being suddenly drawn open, magically reveals reflections of color and life...our invitation into the pristine freshness at the birth of another day.

Like shattering light through stain glass, I decided to paint this one using only rectangular slashes of color, and a new color for each stroke, so no two strokes of color were exactly the same hue.

Thanks for entering my world today. 


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