Sunday, January 1, 2012

"Candied Apple"

"Candied Apple"6x6" Oil on canvas panel


Happy New Year!!! I'm back and am sorry for the long absence. All the holiday shopping, baking, cleaning, wrapping, cards, entertaining and cooking, plus being hit by a nasty virus sure took a toll on my painting and blog time.


Still Life
In today's still life, a bit of leftover holiday treat sat relaxed in a candy jar, that is until the big-bully-of-an-apple forced his way in pushing the hard-headed candies onto the floor. Poor little telling what sugar-starved predator might gobble them up.

Under painting
Today's painting is another entry to a Daily Paintworks challenge. The way it works is to setup a still life and photograph it (see photo left). Then paint an under painting of the photo in raw umber paying close attention to the values (mid tones, darks, and lights which were rubbed out with a Q-Tip) (see photo below). Lastly, paint in full color on top of the value study, but substituting all NEW colors for the real colors (The end result was "Candied Apple" at top of page).

The moral of the story is, if values are painted correctly, you can paint in any color and it will still hold together as a painting!

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Thanks for viewing my work.


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