Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Lone Ranger

"The Lone Ranger" 6x6" Oil on canvas board
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The Lone Ranger rides again! After two weeks of fighting off a viral infection and an abscess tooth, I am back in the saddle and ready to look life in the face, along with miles of canvases to come. 

I am feeling so much better, I even got to teach my first one-day-mini workshop yesterday at our home. We had just completed some remodeling of my studio, so I was finally able to move my easel from the middle of our living room up into the garage apartment studio which is now donning a new staircase with a deck, new ceiling and lighting inside the studio. Woo-hoo...bring it on! 

This lovely, yet a little lonely looking, apple was our class model. We painted her in gray scale values and also in full color. She sat patiently posing for us all day and never once made a move or uttered a peep. We couldn't have chosen a more well behaved subject. This was my demo painting.

I had a great time with the brave souls who attended. I think they all learned a little and were good sports, especially Jack whom I periodically called David throughout the day. Mercy me! It ain't easy living in the right side of the brain.

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