Monday, February 27, 2012

Outside the Lines

"Outside the Lines" 6x6" oil on gessobord

Lost in a creative world all her own, Annie gets in touch with her inner artist. I painted this from a photo of my niece as she blissfully included most of her arm as part of her extended canvas. Children are so naturally uninhibited and unaware of boundaries including those thick black lines of coloring books that we were so terrified to cross outside of as children. Who decided that we had to stay within those lines anyway? I think most people got discouraged and gave up on art once the guidelines were imposed on us. We were even graded as to how perfectly we could stay inside the lines. Or for that matter, who told us that trees HAD to be painted green with brown trunks? I've always wondered if children don't see more than we do with our conditioned brains? Perhaps trees really are purple but we ceased to see the purple after someone unknowingly handed us a green crayon and basically told us what we WERE suppose to see, rather than allowing us to see what we were seeing? I wonder what else we once saw and heard that was filtered out? Hmmm... food for thought.

I usually simplify and edit unnecessary information in small paintings, however I included all the surrounding details here to show Annie in her magical world of toys, fun and bright colors. Draped across the back of the chair, Annie's golden fairy princess dress awaits her next adventure. Life was so simple and magical back then...what happened?

Thanks for entering my world of color today.

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