Monday, February 20, 2012

Rainy-Day Sunshine

"Rainy-Day Sunshine" 6x6" oil on canvas panel

When did we lose the desire to jump into mud puddles in carefree reckless abandonment? This little girl's spirit captured my heart as she delights in the sheer joy of sloshing in mud and water in her pretty pink boots. Totally lost in the moment, she was captured in a photo shared by my friend Angela.

How sad we've lost that same sense of wonder, discovery and magic over so many simple things in life, like: climbing trees, finding pictures in cloud formations, making necklaces out of sweet clover, creating angels in the first snowfall of winter, or jumping into piles of raked autumn leaves. All of these brought the greatest and most satisfying pleasures. So what happened? Did we just grow up ... or have we just grown down?
Thanks for jumping into my puddle today.


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  1. Love this! You really captured her spirit. Makes me want to go find some puddles ;-)

  2. I'm with ya Debbie. : ) Thanks for commenting.