Sunday, May 20, 2012

SOLD -River Walk San Antonio

"River Walk San Antonio" 8x16" Oil on stretched canvas

 "As a river flows through a landscape it carries with it the memory and life of that place. It has flowed through every moment of life that has happened there." 
                            — John O'Donohue, Four Elements- Reflection on Nature.

This colorful scene found along The River Walk in San Antonio, bustles with sidewalk cafes, restaurants, shops and galleries. The river, a popular tourist attraction, flows right through the middle of town, passing the site where The Alamo still stands. 

In Texas, water has been a lifeline for many generations for centuries past. First described by Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca, a shipwrecked captive of Indians, in 1536. The stream originally called Yanaguana was renamed San Antonio in celebration of Saint Anthony's Day in 1691.

While the river canals stretch for two and a half miles, it was quite a stretch for me to paint this one section. I had photographed it on a recent visit but had been too intimidated to even pick up a brush. There was so much going on with water, trees, architecture, people, reflections. Whew, I was overwhelmed before I began. Luckily this photo didn't also include one of the many passing and packed tour boats that methodically cruise the narrow waters. 

Thank you for floating by and viewing my painting. 
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  1. Hi Nancy! That painting is beautiful. Reminds me of my trip there when I met you :) Hope all is well.