Thursday, May 9, 2013

Austin Workshop Day 3

"Bridging Gaps" After Colley Whisson,  9x12" oil on gessobord

This is the painting I did on Day 3 of the Colley Whisson workshop. It was another landscape from Australia of a river and road resting quietly under a busy bridge. Again we worked indoors at the Anderson Mill Museum from demos and photographs. 

We began each painting by blocking in the large areas of color and values, and then redefining these same areas in the next stage. In the final step, all that was needed was to add a few perfectly placed accent lines and marks here and there to simply indicate details.  Then suddenly...abracadabra presto chango...the painting took on a life!

Of course, this was all a lot harder than in sounds. Colley made the process look so effortless, but trust me it was extremely challenging and required much thought and diligence every step of the way.

Thank you for taking a moment to drop by.
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  1. Nancy, it was so great to meet YOU!!!! I loved the workshop and think will be processing this information for a long time. It was a jam packed four days and only wish we had more time to visit! Let's stay in touch! XO

  2. Ditto Laurel!!! It really was a very special four days of hard work and invigorating energy. I enjoyed meeting you Laurel and love your beautiful work. Sure wish I lived closer to Austin... I'd join your plein aire painting group in a heartbeat. Keep up the great work and joyful spirit. Hugs