Sunday, May 12, 2013

Graceful Grazer

"Graceful Grazer" 16x20" Oil on stretched canvas
"Horses make a landscape look beautiful."
—Alice Walker
Horses are so beautiful...they don't even look real. This landscape had little redeeming value, but this stepper totally charmed me.
I came across this beauty while searching for a place to park at Old Town Spring. This is a 1900s historic railroad town featuring antiques, galleries, gift/specialty shops and restaurants, located not far from where I live. 
I stopped there briefly over St. Patrick's Day weekend while the whistle-stop was crammed full of tourists. I had to park way in the back on a field near the railroad tracks. As I was getting out of my car, I looked up and was stopped dead in my tracks by this graceful creature grazing in a small pasture behind a little cabin/house. I'm lucky I didn't get shot walking around—basically trespassing—to snap some photos. Oh well, what's life if it's not a daring adventure? I had to take a chance, or miss an opportunity that might never trot my way again. 
Thanks for please not turning me over to the authorities. :  )
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