Monday, July 1, 2013

SOLD -Sunflower Power

"Sunflower Power" 6x6" oil on gessobord
"From the center of my soul, a flower grows inside me, A love that makes me whole, a budding love that sets me free."  — Marilyn von Waldner

What is it about sunflowers that affectionately make me smile? Perhaps it's the rough weathered brown faces on these tough old broads as they fearlessly take on the sun in marathon staring contests. Herculanean towers of strength, they pose in stately composure bending only for an occasional breeze. Obviously sunflowers are all females adorned in such frilly bonnets; no guy I know would be caught dead in such an ostentatious display of color.

These wild hot spots of yellow and crimson are golden treasures which can be seen sprinkled across empty verdant fields, or found alongside an occasional fence post. Donning all-knowing, scarecrow-like smiles, they joyfully offer up their seeds to hungry birds and frantic field mice. 
At the end of a day—if you get really quiet and listen very closely—you can sometimes even hear these glowing beauties chanting ever-so-softly in a chorus of perpetual praise. 
I hope your day is just a bit brighter...thanks for popping up today.

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