Friday, November 28, 2014

SOLD Bald Eagle

SOLD "Bald Eagle", Prismacolor on paper, 29x24"

Forty years ago this strong symbol of our nation was in danger of extinction. Habitat destruction and degradation, illegal shooting, and the contamination of its food source, largely as a consequence of DDT, decimated the eagle population. However, with bans on DDT and the protection of habitat, the Bald Eagle made a remarkable recovery and became a success story in August 2007 when it was removed from the endangered species list as populations recovered. 

Distinguished by a white head and tail feathers, bald eagles are powerful, brown birds that may weigh 14 pounds with a wingspan of 8 feet. They live near rivers, lakes, and marshes where fish is their staple food. Bald Eagles will also feed on waterfowl, turtles, rabbits, snakes, and other small animals and carrion. Their habitat includes estuaries, large lakes, reservoirs, rivers, and some seacoasts.
Eagles mate for life, choosing the tops of large trees to build nests which may reach 10 feet across and weigh a half ton. Bald Eagles can live 15 to 25 years in the wild. Breeding Bald Eagles typically lay one to three eggs once a year, and they hatch after about 35 days. The young eagles are flying within three months and are on their own about a month later.

My goal in this series of endangered species, created in the mid-80s, was to capture the souls and spirits of our mute neighbors with whom we share the planet. I was captivated and haunted by the frank eyes of all of these creatures, so human in their longing and need, pleading silently for their future and ultimate survival. 

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  1. THIS is a REAL Beauty!
    'Congrats on the sale = )

  2. Thanks for commenting, Sue. I struggled watching this one leave my nest, but it's time for a migration. : )