Tuesday, November 11, 2014


"Walrus", 29x24" Prismacolor drawing on paper

I have been working around the clock with my Graphic Design business leaving me with literally no time to paint. So, rather than lose touch, I thought I'd show you some of my earlier artwork rendered in Prismacolor, a brand name of colored pencil in case you are unfamiliar with the medium. 

This piece is one in a series of six drawings of endangered species I drew in the mid 1980s (not to date myself ). Working with colored pencil is a very slow layering process of building up values and color. I begin with a mid-tone colored paper and from there build up countless layers to the lightest lights and the darkest dark. A piece this size usually taking 30-40 hours to complete.

My goal in this series was to capture the souls and spirits of our voiceless neighbors with whom we share the planet. I was captivated and haunted by their anthropomorphic eyes so familiar in their longing and need, seemingly pleading silently for their future and ultimate survival.

The walrus threatened with endangerment twice has made a come back both times with the help of humans. Most people don't realize the walrus plays a vital role in the ecosystem of the waters. Since they feed off of food from the bottom of the waters, their movements allow a variety of nutrients from the floor of the water to be mixed up. Without this happening it is unknown how many different plants and organisms would also be lost to the world forever. 

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