Sunday, August 10, 2014

One Orange Cup

"One Orange Cup", 6x6" oil on 1/2" deep wrapped canvas

"After the ecstasy go do the laundry."A Chinese axiom

Surprise! I am not dead, at least not yet. It feels like eons since my last post, but decided to take a little time off from painting to catch up in all the other areas of neglect surrounding me.

What I wasn't expecting is that when I finally showed back up at my easel, somebody else would be standing in my shoes. It was like I had never held a brush before and needed to learn to paint all over again. First I tried working on a large portrait for several weeks...big mistake and extremely frustrating. It's now sitting in a corner of my studio waiting for the enlightenment fairy to pay a visit and wave her magic wand.

So today, I decided to go back to basics and paint something small and very simple. I have come to understand that there are extraordinary miracles in everyday ordinary objects, that can be found even in one simple orange mug. Now how hard could that be? Enamored with the cast shadow, I snapped photos of this cup months ago. As G.K. Chesterton said about children, contemplatives and mystics (I'd like to include artists), "They have learned to look at things familiar until they look unfamiliar again." I felt inspired and jumped in.
Although I truly struggled with this piece, I decided to go ahead and post my efforts. 

It does seem that 99% of life is doing the laundry, while waiting for the ecstasy as author Ronald Rolheiser talks about in his book, Against An Infinite Horizon. Guess I better get back to that mounting pile of laundry.  

Sorry I missed you...I'm off to buy more Tide biodegradable substitute.  

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