Sunday, December 18, 2011

Darkness Into Light

"Darkness Into Light" 8x6" Oil on stretched canvas

I have talked about my friend Angela who goes on hikes in the woods every Sunday, and then sends me amazing photos to paint. Well, this painting was taken from another one of her recent images.

I was especially drawn to the way the photo was taken from amongst the dark shadows in the foreground and looking out onto this quiet sanctuary of a watery cove that fades off into the distance. It seems to invite us to also step out of the darkness around us, into the pure misty-morning light that, like a curtain being suddenly drawn open, magically reveals reflections of color and life...our invitation into the pristine freshness at the birth of another day.

Like shattering light through stain glass, I decided to paint this one using only rectangular slashes of color, and a new color for each stroke, so no two strokes of color were exactly the same hue.

Thanks for entering my world today. 


Thursday, December 8, 2011

When, When Little Wren?

"When, When Little Wren?" 6x6" oil on Ampersand board

When, oh when, little Carolina Wren?...Will warmer weather come again? 

BRR! It was 26 degrees on my thermometer here in Conroe, Texas this morning. I get up at 4:30 a.m. several mornings a week (or is that still the middle of the night?) to swim laps at a local outdoor pool, covered only by an unheated tent. When I returned to my car after this morning's swim, it was so cold, I had to scrape ice off my windshield with a credit card in order to drive that's cold!!! I know I can't complain compared to others in many parts of the world but it's all relevant.

NOTE: No matter what I do, I always end up having to post blurry photographs of my work. So, I am experimenting with scanning my paintings on my flatbed scanner directly to my computer. The quality sure looks a lot better and much more accurate. It's a tricky process since my paintings are always wet, but I took four paper clips and placed one under each corner of the painting, just barely catching the tips of the corners, so nothing would touch the glass except the paper clips. After scanning, I touched up the tiny bits of paper clip that were visible in the final image in Photoshop. Pretty cool, huh?

Thanks for dropping by!


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Cardinal Point

"A Cardinal Point" 6x6" oil on Ampersand board

I didn't chose a cardinal for today's painting just because I grew up in St. Louis and was a huge Cardinal's fan for many years. Here's the real reason I happen to love cardinals. 

From the time my husband was a little boy his mom told him repeatedly, "David, if you are lucky enough to see a cardinal that's a sure sign you are going to have a great day." He believed this with all his heart and began telling everyone and anyone who would listen. To this very day, he still gets excited at the sighting of each and every cardinal. He even insisted on placing a pair of cardinals at the top of our wedding cake.

Many years later, while looking over our wedding photos, his mom asked us why in the world we chose to put cardinals on our cake? A very sentimental man, Dave gave a long affectionate sigh and reminded her of her eternal promise of a good day he'd always remembered. She looked at him like he was crazy and in one sweeping crush of a blow, said she'd never heard of such nonsense. Go figure?... Oh well, after 31 years of marriage, perhaps there was a glimmer of truth in it somewhere? 

Heaven help us if Dave ever finds out that the Bluebonnet song, he joyfully croons every spring, about a "princess being offered for the rain" is only a legend. YIKES!!!

You've seen your cardinal for today...go and have a great and blessed day!

Thanks for perching with me for awhile.


Monday, December 5, 2011

Forest Forager

"Forest Forager" 6x6" oil on Ampersand panel

The weather has turned cold and rainy in this part of the woods; a reminder that it's time to nestle in and prepare for the winter months ahead. With the wildlife in Texas struggling from long, hot summer droughts, be sure to fill up those bird feeders for our local feathered friends, and their migratory cousins here on winter holiday.

Texas a prime spot for watching migratory birds. According to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, there are 629 species of birds found in Texas, and of those birds, 53 percent are migratory species. Texas is a main corridor for the central migratory flyway, and many species of birds traveling on the Mississippi flyway use the Gulf Coast. There are 338 species of birds that migrate from South and Central America to North America, and of those species, 98.5 percent have been recorded in Texas.

The fluffy little fellow above is a Tufted Titmouse. He likes to feast on caterpillars, beetles, wasps, ants, bees, tree hoppers, spiders, and snails. He'll glean prey from tree bark and twigs, but may also forage on the ground. In winter, he collects seeds and acorns throughout his territory, and is a frequent visitor to backyard bird feeders.

Thanks for bird watching with me!


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