Wednesday, June 8, 2011

"Good Day Sunshine"

"Good Day Sunshine" 6x8" Oil on Canvas Panel

The blueberry kids are out playing on the beach today, under the watchful eye of a diligent warm-skinned nanny. She sits close by in what little shade she can find, alongside the guard stand where a towering Black Eyed Susan is now on active duty.  

This was not the way the day began, in fact, this golden beauty is the replacement for a crude and deceitful white carnation who was on guard watch when we all arrived. You see, everything was going well until I got into a heated skirmish with him over his lack of values. I have to admit, I threw the first punch and then proceeded to hit him with one loaded brush after another. The regretful encounter ended when I threw him and his stem across my studio as far as I could throw. After wiping my canvas in total defeat, suddenly straight out of nowhere, entered this dark-eyed Baywatch hero who took the stand and ended up saving this painting from near drowning. 
Thank you for viewing my painting.
- nancy   

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