Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ladies in Red 6x6"

"Ladies in Red" 6x6" Oil on Canvas Panel

My supply of still life wannabe stars was running low, so I had my husband pick up some apples on his weekly jaunt to the grocery store. He loves to grocery shop, go figure? When he returned and pulled these three beauties out of the bag, I was kicked in the head and ran to grab my paints and brushes. This glamorous trio of juicy Pink Ladies are seen here dressed up in brilliant fiery gowns, as they prepare to strut on down the blue violet carpeted runway. 

You know, every now and then I produce a painting that just feels right and this is one of 'em! Exhausted, I put down my weapons and went to bed with visions of Pink Ladies dancing in my head.
Thank you for viewing my painting.
- nancy   

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