Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Lunch Bunch

"Lunch Bunch" 6x6" Oil on gessobord
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Today's painting is a recent challenge from DailyPaint Works. The photo of the crowded German restaurant above is what we were given to paint. There is a lot going on in the scene, so the instructions were to select and paint just a section of it. I chose the two shady characters on the right who are disguising themselves in sunglasses...and trying to look oh so innocent! But I am on to them. The green shopping bag the lady's guarding between her legs is stuffed full of stolen euros from a heist they just pulled off from the bank on the corner. Just look at his shifty eyes and how nervous she is puffing away on that cigarette. The whole town is swarming with cops, so the punks ducked in here to wait for the coast to clear before they make their break for the border. 
...And that's my story and I am stick'n to it!

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