Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tree and My Shadow

"Tree and My Shadow" 6x8" Oil on canvas panel

This is a scene I pass by most every evening, as I take my little dog for his daily constitutional. We walk by about the same time each day, just as the sun is setting behind the lush, sprawling grounds of a Memory Care facility.  

I love the play of light and dark, and how the trees create giant shadows which lazily stretch their way across the road. As if to the beat of a silent melody, sleepy shadows seem in pose for evening salute to the drooping sun. However, these same shadows could also be seen as the bars of a prison cell, metaphors for the expanding darkness in the minds of residents sheltered securely inside...brains held captive...blocked from the light of fading memories.

Light shines on us all but like trees, we can block the light to only see darkness lying before us. How do you see this painting, light or dark? 

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