Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Rio Grande Harvest

"Rio Grande Harvest" 11x14" oil on canvas
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The other day my photographer friend Angela sent me a photograph of this hostage image, captured in New Mexico. Knowing I love reflections, she knew I'd want to paint it. Then she asked me what my big attraction was for reflections?

I've never really put it into words before, but do freely confess to being obsessed with reflections which lay in wait, to mystify and delight me everywhere. Like Alice Through the Looking Glass, I can be casually gazing at a seemingly flat surface of water or wet pavement, when suddenly something shifts in my head and in a nano second, I slide down into the hole of right brain dominance.  

My husband confessed to me last night that he is almost afraid to walk into the house when I am painting reflections. Like out of an episode of Twilight Zone, he's sure he will find that I have been sucked into a painting, standing up to my waist in reflections, and waving back at him. He probably isn't far from the truth here... I'm sure the entire house could burn down around me while I stand in oblivion, trapped in the spell of the moment.

If you don't believe me, next time you are driving on a busy, rain-soaked street at dusk, I double-dog-dare ya to turn your focus on all the long red-trailing limbs of taillights and sudden explosions of red and green bombs at stoplights. Be careful not to have wreck but it's an incredible light show. Hum, maybe I need to paint this sometime?

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