Sunday, August 12, 2012

Mountains, and Streams and Gorges, Oh My

"Taos Rapture" 10x8" oil on gessobord
"It's like trying to describe what you feel when you're standing on the rim of the Grand Canyon or remembering your first love or the birth of your child. You have to be there to really know what it's like."       —Jack Schmitt

Stream in Taos Ski Valley
View of Rio Grande Gorge from Bridge
We spent the day today with towering pines and aspens in the Taos Ski Valley area. This was the little scene where we fished, painted and had a picnic with Wheeler Peak in the background. It was cooler up in this higher elevation and very windy. I have learned to put rocks in my plastic trash bag that hangs from my easel. This keeps it steady and prevents it from blowing over. 

This next photo was taken at the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge which is located just 7 miles outside Taos. The photo doesn't begin to convey the magnitude of this expanse of land. I've never seen the Grand Canyon, but this was stunning. Standing in the middle of the bridge and looking over the railing at the ribbon of a river hundreds of feet below makes you feel as tiny and insignificant as a flee on an elephant's back.

Thanks for touring with me today and for viewing my painting.  
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  1. Love the play of warm, cool, warm, cool. The painting is very inviting....wish I was there.

  2. That's so nice to hear, Helen. I wish I was back there. : ) Thank you