Thursday, August 9, 2012

Parking It

"Parking It" 9x12" oil on canvas panel
"Painting is just another way of keeping a diary."—Pablo Picasso

Dear Diary, 
I painted all day today at this beautiful park in Pagosa that stretches its way along the San Juan River with the alluring San Juan mountains for a backdrop. The park was dedicated to the Yamaguchi family honoring their service to our country during World War II. I painted in the full glory of it all as Dave fished the waters below. Wow! What a an inspiring place to paint...and it didn't even rain. Can you believe I had a covered pavilion to stand under, picnic table and a restroom nearby!!! Now it doesn't get much better than that in plein aire. I was really happy with my catch at the end of the day.

Thanks to everyone who commented on my post yesterday. You guys inflated my balloon. I am now cruising at about 7,105 ft. ...or, maybe that's cause we are at an elevation 7,105 ft.? Either way I really appreciated hearing from all of you. : ) 

We left the "healing waters" of Pagosa today after a trip to the local bakery for hot cinnamon rolls and then huffed and puffed our way over the mountains into Taos. Thought we'd spend the last four days here, before we head on down the highway back to Texas, in the land of the art gods. Can't wait to hit all the galleries I read about in "Southwest Art magazine" and sample some more green chili tamales or enchiladas. I'll bet I've gained 5 lbs. from all the green chili I've eaten on this trip. Oh well, feast and swim twice as far next week.

Thanks for playing in my park today. 
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