Monday, May 16, 2011

"Old Oak Farm"

"Old Oak Farm" 5x7" Oil on canvas panel 

We had a blast this past weekend, camping at this lovely 100-plus-year-old farm in Bellville, TX where our youngest daughter, Allie will be married in Sept. to Jason Stevens. I took a ton of photos of the farmland, the old abandoned farmhouse and some very curious cows, calves and bulls. I can't wait to start painting from some of them.

Unfortunately, I was rushing so furiously to pack that I forgot my easel. However, Allie and I still managed to paint out in the pasture, avoiding cow paddies and sitting on chairs holding our canvases in one hand and paint brushes in the other. A bit challenging, I came away covered in yellow paint but had a glorious afternoon sitting in the shade with the wind in my face under the spreading arms of the big oak tree where they will soon say their "I do's."

The icing on the cake was winning in a game of Bocce Ball, and sleeping in the crisp night air inside our open pop-up. And then, to be awakened in the middle of the night by the haunting howls of a band of coyotes, or perhaps a pack of wolves from the nearby woods baying at the waxing orb of a moon.  

Thank you for viewing my painting
- nancy

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