Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Peachy Keen 6x6"

"Peachy Keen" 6x6" oil on canvas panel

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Water, water everywhere except here! The month of May has come to a screeching halt, and dried up our last hope for rain. With only a half inch of rain since January, this is not a good sign, as the long hot dog-days-of-summer have again bullied and shoved their way back into the thirsty pine forests of east Texas.

However on the bright side, along with the over-bearing scorch of summer also comes the gift of fresh peaches, melons, corn and tomatoes that occassionaly contain hints of the flavors we knew and loved as kids. I found these three ripe, sunburned beauties curled up in my bowl resting in the shade. The luscious trio graciously agreed to pose for my quick study. Once I had brushed on the last touch of blush to their fuzzy cheeks, they made a beeline for the cool recesses of the fridge, where they will chill before being sliced and dipped into a bath of rich cream awaiting their final debut. I hope they taste as good as they look.

Thank you for viewing my painting
- nancy


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