Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Down by the Old Mill Stream

"Down by the Old Mill Stream" 6x8" oil on canvas panel
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This landscape painting was another challenge posted by DailyPaint Works. (above is the photo we painted from)

Painting a landscape feels like flying, such a welcome change of pace from still life. I love the loose flow of buttery pigment as it courses, glides, drifts, circulates, skims, oozes, swirls, and rolls off the fine tiny hairs of my brush with a story of its own to tell. The brush charts its own path catching light off vapors of layered atmosphere, fluid sweep of free-flowing water, or the crisp rustle of dry swaying grasses. 

It feels so natural to me, I can't imagine approaching a landscape in any other way. To labor over each exacting blade of grass, every ripple on the water's surface, or the intricate patterns of bark on a branch, would condense it all into a frozen frame of a girdle to sit lifeless and idle for all eternity. In a landscape, I want to capture the movement of breathing spirit. I want the viewer to feel the chill of the wind that's blowing through my hair, the warm rays of afternoon sun that sit perched on a shoulder, and to detect the decaying scent of autumn rising from the mists off the bank of cool waters. 

The artist job is to take it all in but then to simplify and filter down to the barest of it all, that which contains the whole. I still have miles of canvas to go but am loving my journey along the way.

Thanks for viewing my painting!
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