Friday, July 22, 2011

Upper Level Management

"Upper Level Management" 6x6" Oil on gessoboard
Looks like more layoffs may be coming down in the corporate world. Money is tight and jobs hard to come by. This high-ranking corporate official has some tough decisions to make in order to trim excess overhead. "Aha! Diversification would offer me the option to restructure, filling newly-created positions from within." He has asked for volunteers, hoping several of his long-time employees might be willing to transfer into the highly-speculative Cobbler Department...Someone just has to step up to the plate.

Thanks for viewing my painting!
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  1. I saw the thumbnail of this painting on DPW and it is my favorite of all today's paintings. The light and shadows on the table are very well done. I love the strokes of color in the peaches. Really beautiful!