Tuesday, September 27, 2011

"Angela's Path"

"Angela's Path" 6x8" oil on canvas panel - CLICK TO BID

Today's painting was my submission in the DPW's "Rectangle Challenge" which was a total blast! The rule was to build up a painting by laying down ONLY rectangles, one rectangle at a time and one rectangle adjacent to the next. You also had to mix a new color for each rectangle, comparing the color, value, and temperature as you proceeded.

My friend Angela sent me this photo from a recent hike in a Nature Preserve. I loved all the pinkish-violet tones on the tree in the foreground and in the distance, so I thought it would be fun to work with if simplified down into workable pieces.

This challenge forced me to paint outside my comfort zone but once I had placed the first couple of strokes, my mind responded like I was working a jigsaw puzzle, finding and placing down one colored piece at a time. To my delight the end result was a very abstracted, mosaic-like quality. My own personal painting style contains some degree of abstraction, which I think makes a painting more interesting. However, this challenge pushed me to leap-frog onto a new pad. I am sure I'll be revisiting this pond again and again. R-r-r-ebit!!!

Thanks for viewing and for all your comments and encouragement of my work!


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