Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Apple Overboard

"Apple Overboard" 6x6" Oil on gessobord

I am back after a long absence. The past several weeks of my life have been eaten up by life. I've spent time caring for my 88-year-old mom who had a fall and suffered fractures, followed by the out-of-town wedding of our youngest daughter, and then a trip to accompany my poet husband to the annual Langdon Review Week in Granbury, TX. I am feeling just like this apple which fell, or was perhaps gently pushed, out of its snug little basket. 

Desperate for the rich buttery feel and smell of fresh squeezed oil from a tube, last night was the first opportunity I have had to pickup a paintbrush in several weeks. This painting was from a photograph I took at the Langdon Poet Laureate picnic at the home of Charles and Dominique Inge, where lush still-green grasses spread out under the shade of reaching branches and whispering gardens along the limestone cliffs of Lake Granbury. As I sat on a blanket feasting on the moment and chicken salad, I kept thinking how Renoir should have been there to capture this other gathering of friends, lounging and lunching in the dappled afternoon light to the sound of poetry carrying them off on the cool melodic breezes of other moments.
Thank you for viewing my work.
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  1. Hello, Nancy,

    It was so nice to meet you at the Langdon Review. What follow through! I think I was standing in line behind you when you said this image would make a nice still life.

    I've enjoyed viewing your paintings. I've had some luck growing orchids, maybe because of the extra humidity in south Texas. You could try placing a tray of water below the orchid pot. If you keep the roots out of the water (just stack some rocks below it), there shouldn't be a problem with root rot.

    If that doesn't work, maybe the orchids just need to hear some of Dave's poetry!

    Tiffany Anderson

  2. Glad to get a new posting -- missed not getting your daily words and paintings.

  3. It was wonderful getting to meet you last week,Tiffany! Thanks so much for the orchid hints...I'll try both of your ideas. LOL

  4. Hi Kenne, thank you for your kind words.It's nice to be missed...and so nice to be back with brush in hand. Great to hear from you. Hi to Joy. :)