Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Recent Works

"Crested Butte Frost" 6x6" oil on canvas panel
"Happily Ever After" 20x16" oil on canvas

Sometimes life calls us to be there for other people and places that need our attention, which was why I wasn't able to paint much last week. My graphic design business has been in high gear demanding all my 9-5 attention, and the evenings and weekend were chocked full with my husband's writer events, my grandson's first football scrimmage, visiting a family member in the nursing home; and then helping my sisters and brother move my mom into Assisted Living. Oh, and did I mention, cleaning my house just moments before the Health Dept. threatened to shut me down? Life can be a daring adventure!
I did start a new painting last night but since it's not quite ready for prime time, I thought I'd post a couple recent commissioned pieces. It's easy to paint something that literally reaches out and grabs you by the shoulders and screams in your face "paint me." But commissions are tough since you have another person's vision and emotional experience to try and capture. It's easier when the only person you have to please is yourself. Both of these painting were taken from partial photographs, so some pieces had to be made up in my mind. This is where creativity, fueled by a prayer, kicks into overdrive. 

Thank you for viewing my work.
I am offering FREE shipping within the U.S. on all paintings in my Daily Paint Works ebay and  Etsy stores. These small paintings look great in groups of two or more, and add interest and charm to an entry, kitchen, bath, sitting on a bookshelf, or other small areas.

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