Monday, February 28, 2011

"Caffeine Clout"

"Caffeine Clout" 6x6" Oil on canvas panel

Winner...and still rises to the occasion in a take down...successfully pinning on the mat all three opponents (blood, sweat and tears) in grueling overtime.

I really wrestled with this one. My goal in painting is to jab a fully-loaded right brush in one flat stoke  to the face of my canvas and then never touch it again. However with that said, this one got really fussy and put up quite a fight, so I applied a half nelson with an elbow-lock roll. I was relieved when that blue referee finally blew his whistle. It was an exhausting match.

Thank you for viewing my painting.  - nancy

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  1. finally painted the "fruits" I adore...I love it and the beautiful painting machine that brought it to us!