Monday, February 21, 2011


"Floating Camellia" 6x6" Oil on canvas panel
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February 26 marks the 10th anniversary of Harry's (my father) passing. Every year the anniversary is heralded with the blooming of a beautiful camellia bush given to me by my friend Darla on the day of dad's funeral. The tight round little buds began opening this weekend, always a welcome sight as they breathe brilliant gasps of life into the skeletal remains of my long-dead winter garden. The flowers are actually deep salmon in color and hard to create using just warm cadmium red, cool alizarin crimson and a bit of ultramarine blue for the shadows. I ended up adding a little white in the highlights which can dull the saturation of the color and cause it to look chalky. I ended up pretty pleased with the end product. I miss you dad. 

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