Friday, March 18, 2011

"Days of Wine and Limes"

"Days of Wine and Limes" 6x6" oil on museum quality canvas panel
She's a fake! Faux Days of Wine and Roses would have been a better fit for this title. I needed a real rose but my rose bushes are sans buds...still rebounding from multiple I made due with the sole surviving camellia. Then to be honest, the red liquid in the carafe is not really wine but rather cranberry juice. I always hate to see a good glass of wine go to waste, especially under hot studio lights. So, if I would have used real wine, I'd have felt guilty and probably started taking little sips here and there, which would have led to bigger sips here and there...after which there's no telling who'd have end up on first?  

Thank you for viewing my painting.
- nancy

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