Wednesday, March 2, 2011

"Glass Houses"

"Glass Houses" 6x6" oil on canvas panel

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This was my submission to this week's Daily Works Painting Challenge-"One Color per Stroke." The rules were to use a ½” wide brush, mix one color, put down just one stroke on the canvas before mixing a new color and putting down one more stroke. Repeat until completed. The painting is suppose to end up sort of looking like a mosaic. I love the loose abstract quality this method produced but what a struggle. I had chosen these three shady characters to model for me. They did a great job holding the pose...almost never even budged...Well, that was until the fight broke out. Perfume started it off by squirting orange right in the face which totally infuriated her. She turned bright red and burst into tears causing her makeup to run down her face onto the floor in a terrible mess. Blue, losing his cool, jumped to her defense, clanking the big bully upside the head. Returning to his pose and feeling quite proud of himself, he literally glowed with masculine pride. They are all now in time out!      

Thank you for viewing my painting.  - nancy

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