Tuesday, March 15, 2011

"Pitcher This"

"Pitcher This" 6x6" oil on canvas panel
Trick or Treat? I really should have named this one "Joseph and his colorful dream jug." And no, I was not under the influence of some hallucinogen, nor wearing technicolored glasses. This was another online painting challenge that I participated in on dailypaintworks.com. The object was to paint a white object on a colorful patterned background using a limited palette. I selected red, blue and yellow paint, plus white. Under the spotlight, the scarf I chose for the background threw power-packed punches of color and reflections onto my little lady; so I took some artistic license and transformed her from a plain white pitcher with a harlequin disguise. Today she's having a great time masquerading around in her new gown at the painter's showcase ball. 

Thank you for viewing my painting.  - nancy

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