Monday, March 14, 2011

"Hole in One" 6x6" Still-life, Nancy Parsons O/C

"Hole in One" 6x6" oil on museum quality canvas panel
How 'bout that All-Star, Pro Gran E. Smith! Although he didn't really nail a true hole in one, this HEB master got within inches of the plate in one swing, before chipping in for the sink. Now doesn't that count for something? The juicy lemon slinking up along side Mr. Smith is an overly-ripe groupie doing a bit of hero worshiping...and hoping to get seen on the evening news. 

PS. The tiny carafe in this painting is on loan from a local restaurant...mums the word. She was kidnapped by her fairy godfather from her dreary life as a maiden vessel. Please rest assure, she is being returned unscathed and breathless to have been awarded this highly coveted cup assignment.   

Thank you for viewing my painting.  - nancy

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