Wednesday, August 7, 2013


"Here's Looking at You Kid" 10x8" oil on gessobord
"It does take a certain measure of humility to be wonderstruck. At the same time, though, it is the highest form of intelligence, because there my reason opens up to the mystery." — Aristotle
If you've seen one sunflower, you've seen them all. Sadly, this becomes the undefining of life; turning life into a short list of categories rather than expanding into an endless list of awe inspiring coincidences and surprises.

We rush from here to there, from one obligation to the next, from one commitment or necessity to another, never aware of all the little things we pass by day after day that never get seen or acknowledged. Instead of being revealed and delighted in bit by bit for the little slivers of mystery and beauty they are, life gets converted into one vast blurry golden field we zoom pass at 70 miles per hour never getting noticed nor experienced. 

Stop whatever you are doing right now...slam on the brakes... see the one golden sunflower among the masses. Each blossom a transient sliver, struggling in a field packed among a myriad of other dark round faces, crushed by the weight, yet each one as unique and miraculous as the next. Quick! Grab a hold of one, look into its eyes before it dissolves into the past. See it's beauty, feel its strength, hope and sheer willpower to survive as it stretches to join its source.
"To see one blade of grass at a time rather than a mountainside of green makes every element of life important." 

— Sister Joan Chittister, Benedictine nun, from The Art of Life, Monastic Wisdom for Every day Life.
Thank you for slowing down to smell my sunflower today!

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  1. Profound. Made me reflect on what is important. Thank you,Nancy.
    Love the painting. You are such a good painter.

  2. Thank you, Julie. We are both so blessed to be painters.