Saturday, January 19, 2019

Sweet Spot Rocker

"Sweet Spot Rocker", 30x20" oil on gallery wrap canvas
I painted this piece from a photo I took last summer in Naples, ME on the front porch of the Lakeview Inn where we were staying for a wedding. This was such a delightful place with the most  beckoning porch. I could have sat out there and rocked for days on end. Now that's relaxing at its finest. 

The reference photo for this painting wasn't the greatest as the chair was perched in heavy shade, so I had to take some creative license to make the chair, my focal point, look alive with color.

I can't figure out what category to place this painting in? There is a landscape backdrop, but the focal point is the chair? Would that be considered a still life? But, what if it was gently rocking from the wind? Would that make it a not-so-still life? I suppose if someone were sitting in the rocker would it also be considered figurative? To make this more confusing, this was a covered porch, so does that make it an interior painting? Any thoughts? Hmm? 

This piece is being donated to my church's Annual Gala for their Live Auction, so it isn't for sale, but wanted to share. 

Thank you for pausing to contemplate on the front porch.

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