Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fall is in the Air

"Fall is in the Air" 6x8" Oil on canvas panel 

On my second day in New Hampshire, the sun finally muscled its way through high banks of clouds to reveal patches of promising azure. This was my big moment! I packed up all my painting gear and hiked back to White Park to plein air alongside the footpath surrounding the lake. 

By the time I had set up my easel and squeezed the myriad of little puddles onto my palette, the sun had already gotten the ball rolling. Filtering in through deep-shadowy sentinels of limbs and trunks, she masterfully brushed brilliant lime-green in wide sparkling streaks across the cool viridian slopes. The seasonal ticket holders crimson, burnt orange and harvest yellow—all fluttering in the crisp morning breeze—went wild in applause at the stunning performance.

Unaffected by any of the commotion, a flock of hungry Mallards cruised the lake in silent single-file order—weaving their way through dried reeds, cattails and low hanging Willow tresses—perhaps in search of a tasty minnow or a breadcrumb left by a child....Ah, the gift of it all!!!

Thanks for tagging along for the ride!

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