Monday, October 24, 2011

Who da Momma?

"Who da Momma?" 6x6" Oil on gessobord

I haven't painted a not-so-still life in the past couple weeks and was searching for subject matter, when my husband...who loves to grocery shop...steps in the door toting this gorgeous juicy tomato. She was donned in a long twisting stem resembling a witches hat. I was not about to let that red beauty get diced up into a taco salad or gazpacho, until I had a chance to paint her. So I placed her in the fridge to chill.

A couple days later, I discovered she had adopted a trio of abandoned young grapes looking for a place for trouble to happen. Momma-mato gathered them into a green cluster and bribed them to sit still long enough for this first family portrait. She later rewarded their good behavior with a trip to the local Hydrator Roller Rink. Oh, the things that go on in my house!

Thanks for viewing my painting.

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